Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nikki Reed’s brother made a photoshoot of her

Photo: IamNikkiReed.Com

Nikki Reed’s brother, Nathan is a photographer and made a photoshoot of his sister. The photoshoot made 5 weeks ago. Kristin Es did her hair and Samuel Paul made her make-up. Check out all the photos on her website.

My older brother is an unbelievable photographer. Some people can take amazing photographs of things, but not necessarily of people. Nathan has this ability to capture human emotion through the lens like nothing I have ever seen before (Most of what I am talking about is apparent in his photos taken while he traveled Europe and South America). We decided a few weeks back that we wanted to do a shoot together. Why haven’t we done this before? I don’t know. It seems like it would satisfy both of our artistic desires right? I suppose it can be viewed as very narcissistic that I want my brother to take pictures of me, but its good practice for him to learn to photograph an actress (an art of its own believe me) and I get to take pictures that actually appeal to me. At the very least its tons of fun, and because working with a family member can be challenging, we end up strengthening our bond through every creative endeavor that we do together. With the help of a few friends 5 Sundays ago (Kristin Ess who does hair and contributed theme ideas, and Samuel Paul who does makeup ), we took some rather fun/stylized pictures….


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