Friday, July 2, 2010

Ashley Greene Talks about L.A. Twilight Fans.....


July 2, 2010 -- Ashley Greene insults 'Twilight Eclipse' premiere fans who camped out for days at the LA Live just to see the Twilight cast. In London today she told reporters that the London fans were definitely more excited to see the cast members and went out of her way to describe the fans in Los Angeles as 'jaded'.
'I keep saying our European fans, in general, rival LA. I feel like LA is jaded or something. Everyone seems so excited to see us so they are up there, definitely high up.' Ashley Greene tells the media.
Her exact quote gives the impression that she doesn't appreciate the loud screams on the red carpet in Los Angeles last week. Or even the fans who camped out to see the stars walk the red carpet at the premiere in LA. How much louder could the fans scream to get her attention of the sincerity of their love for Twilight?
Really Ashley, you don't think American fans of Twilight are very passionate? Have you looked at the Internet lately?
Comparing the camps of fans is sort of insane really. Everyone pays good money to see a movie they love, but to insult them is way uncool. Does Ashley not realize that most people of the world have Internet and this quote will be seen by American's who love Twilight? Definitely not.


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