Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jackson Rathbone: Jasper Will “Warm Up” To Bella in ‘Eclipse’

With only a few short weeks until “Eclipse” hits theaters, fans are certainly salivating for every detail about what they can expect to see in the film when it opens on June 30. And, Jackson Rathbone admits that in this flick, the third in the “Saga,” he cannot wait for the flick’s fans to finally get to know Jasper a little better.

He feels that sharing this with the fans will finally show them another side of Jasper. Plus, it means more one-on-one time with Bella (Kristen Stewart).

“I play this very quiet kind of solitary character,” he explained. “He’s very dark and withdrawn and now with ‘Eclipse,’ we get to see why. We get to go back into Jasper’s back-story, who he used to be his old life and why he’s afraid of himself around Bella. You get to see him warm up to Bella in this third film.”


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