Tuesday, May 11, 2010

THR: Negotiations for Breaking Dawn in Two Parts

In THR’s discussion of the issue, they say that contracts have been moving forth nicely with some of the headlining cast members (specifically Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner) to make a two-part Breaking Dawn but that the same might not be true for some of the supporting cast members whose salary demands are reportedly not matching up with the studio’s offers.
Business dealings and hard-balling tactics are sometimes just part of the game in Hollywood, so it’s not too surprising that making contract arrangements with some of the cast (whose careers are emerging nicely as a result of this franchise) has become more complicated than mere offer and acceptance.

THR goes on to speculate whether it is possible that some of the cast might be up for replacement as a result of the negotiations. For now, know that nothing’s been declared one way or the other on this matter. Also, I have a feeling both sides of the coin will come to an amiable agreement soon enough.

In the same line of discussion, THR goes on to bring in the topic of Breaking Dawn(s) possibly being filmed in Louisiana. So far, no official position on that issue has been announced either, but the idea is that it’d be fiscally efficient to use this as a production location.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter & Twilight Examiner


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