Sunday, May 2, 2010

Teen Vogue Wants To Know: Would You Wear Bella’s Engagement Ring?

Would you accept a Twilight-inspired engagement ring?

Sure, Twilight’s Bella and Edward have a union worth emulating, but is purchasing a band inspired by the film, going too far? One company doesn’t think so. Co-designed by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, Infinite Jewelry & Co is now selling a replica of the engagement ring Edward gives Bella in the Eclipse trailer. The ring, which comes in gold or silver, is available in different versions and price points on Infinite Jewelry & Co’s site. You can purchase a costume version of the ring for $35 or a finer version for $479. But the genuine diamond version, intended to serve as an actual engagement ring, is selling for almost $2000. We’re as obsessed with Bella and Edward as the next Twi-Hard, but we’re not sure we would be able to accept an engagement ring inspired by any film. Would you?

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