Saturday, March 6, 2010

It’s Official: Chris Weitz Will Not Direct Breaking Dawn

IESB: If length had been of no concern for you, is there anything from the book or the script that you wish you could have included?

Chris: Not really. I think the movie could have still been longer and fit in under the wire of how many screenings a day that you’re supposed to have. But, there feels like a natural length and flow to every movie, and this one just felt right, in terms of the speed of the storytelling. There is another version that people can see eventually, in which every seen is extended and no bit of dialogue from the script is missed out, and I think that that could be very satisfying for the very hardcore fan, but this is pretty much how I planned it out to be.

IESB: Looking back on the process of making New Moon, from pre-production to the finalization of the DVD, what will you remember most about the experience? Was there anything that you learned about directing or filmmaking that you’ll carry with you to future projects?

Chris: What I learned was the power of a devoted audience, in supporting the filmmaker’s efforts. I felt incredibly supported by the fans throughout the process. And then, to see their enjoyment and anticipation was such a visceral experience that you don’t usually get to have on a memory. What I learned, as a director, was that very early on I promised myself and the actors that I would never rush them along or expect them to do something, just because it was a movie and we had a schedule to meet, and that we could always talk things through, no matter what. When I worked with my brother, I was probably the guy who was less likely to talk with the actors, and this was a full commitment to always engaging with them, and that’s something I’ll always take with me.

IESB: With the reception for New Moon being so overwhelming and favorable for the final outcome of the film, would you consider coming back to helm the last film, if that were to present itself, or have you moved on from the Twilight Saga?

Chris: I wouldn’t say it’s so much that I’ve moved on. It’s just a very daunting prospect for someone with a young family to imagine taking on what I think will probably be an 80-day shoot. It may have moved on from me. I think the best set-up for this series of films may be that there’s a new filmmaker for each one.
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