Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Chris Weitz Interview and Behind-The-Scenes Photo!

MTV has a new interview with Chris where he talks about shooting in Italy, along with a new behind-the-scenes photo!

But one of the most exciting changes from last year’s “Twilight” is purely visual in nature: shooting the third act of the film on location in Italy.

“Wow, am I glad we were able to shoot there,” Weitz said with a laugh in a recent phone interview with MTV News. “We went to about 12 different hilltop towns in Tuscany, which was both delightful and exhausting, because it had to be done relatively quickly. Montepulciano had the most symmetrical main square that I could find, so that was the winner for that reason.”

Fans can expect about 20 minutes of the film to be spent in Italy or in interior shots set in Italy. While trailers released for “New Moon” show hints of flashbacks featuring the Volturi, Weitz said most of the time is dedicated to the present day.
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