Friday, October 23, 2009

Attack Of the Wolves Part 3: Chaske Spencer

Wolf Week at Vanity Fair is coming to an end with Chaske Spencer! How did you get the part of Wolf Pack leader, Sam Uley?
Chaske Spencer: It was one of the weirdest auditions I’ve done. We put it on tape, and usually the process is: you meet the casting director, get a callback, then you meet the producer and director. This just went straight from tape. I auditioned for all of the parts of the Wolf Pack; they called me back and told me what part I had. Also, I didn’t really know who [the character] was because I didn’t know much about Twilight. Then I figured it out and said, “Wow, that’s a really good part.” It’s amazing. I’ve never gotten a part like that before.

Like many of the other wolves, you have your own Twitter page, too.
It’s really cool. It’s like being in this rock band. It’s nothing like I’ve ever done before on any film or play—you really interact with the fans. I Twitter for the Twilight fans. I can write where I’m going, what I’m doing—I try to keep it general so I don’t give too much away—and the fans are great! They’re really excited about it; some even know more about me than I do myself!

You’re the oldest wolf in the pack.
Yeah, and it’s funny: I play the alpha wolf, the leader, and I kind of fell into that role. I don’t know how that happens. But I am the oldest—I had a few films under my belt—and I kind of helped some of the other guys. I’m very protective of them. If anyone tried to hurt them, I’d probably go ballistic. They’re good guys. We take care of one another. It was like freshman coming into high school; we were the new group. We all come from different backgrounds, too. We’re Native Americans and we have a different outlook on things. We didn’t come to mess around; we came with our A-game, and we definitely made sure our presence was known.

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